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SAFOS’ board members represent a diverse range of organisations with interests and expertise related to snow and avalanches in Scotland. The board typically meets twice a year, and is available to give advice as needed. 

Current Members

  • Scott Armstrong, VisitScotland
  • Jane Blackford, University of Edinburgh
  • Philip Ebert, University of Stirling
  • Mark Diggins, Scottish Avalanche Information Service
  • Richard Essery, University of Edinburgh
  • Shaun Roberts, Principal, Glenmore Lodge
  • Kenneth Lawson, Mountain Rescue Committee of Scotland
  • George McEwan, Mountain Training Scotland
  • John Mackenzie, Mountaineer
  • Heather Morning, Mountaineering Council of Scotland
  • Olly Stephenson (Chair)
  • Desmond Smith, emeritus Heriot-Watt University
  • Tim Walker, British Mountain Guides
  • Richard Orrell, Met. Office

News & Events

Reports into 2013 Chalamain Gap Avalanche

Reports into 2013 Chalamain Gap Avalanche The following reports were produced by sportscotland following the 2013 avalanche incidents which involved sportscotland National Centre, Glenmore Lodge and the RAF Mountaineering Association (RAFMA).  The first and tragically fatal incident occurred in the Chalamain Gap on 14th February 2013, involving both teams. The second avalanche occurred in Chais […]

Avalanche Hazard- Providing Information and Education to those who engage in winter activities in Scotland’s Mountains

A SEMINAR/WORKSHOP. UHI Inverness 19-20 June 2019 In June 2019 SAFOS held a seminar/workshop for organisations and individuals involved in delivery, education and enabling participation. Its objectives were to help develop how avalanche hazard is understood and presented to a range of user groups who are engaged in all mountain activities and disciplines. Including professional […]